Multi Colour Mehndi Designer In Chandigarh At Affordable Prices
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Multi Colour Mehndi Designer In Chandigarh

28 Jun Multi Colour Mehndi Designer In Chandigarh


First of all , Colour Mehndi Designer In Chandigarh is  avilable very easily . All we know that  The culture of mehndi in ancient art of Lawsonia inermis body painting or applying temporary  tattoos,are still practiced  in india , in africa, in the middle East and now popular in the west .

Mehndi is form of body art . The decorative designs are bring on a human body , using a paste , create the powdered dry leaves of the Lawsonia plants . Lawsonia intermis is also kown as hina , henna trees and the egyptian privent flowering plant . It is source of the dye henna use to dye like skin , hair and  fingernails .  Mehndi is especially as part of a bride or groom’s preparations for a wedding.

Types Of Mehndi Designs

Indian mehndi designs

More over ,These days in india most of the poples are using the indian mehndi designs in there weddings and festivels . The indian mehndi designs have become poplour in over all the world . As the mango season for instance March to May is considered auspicious for marriages . Mostly These designs are famous during celebration like Karva chauth , Diwali , Teej etc.

multi colour Mehndi Degisner in Chandigarh


Arabic mehndi designs

We all know the Arabic Mehndi Design is the perfect mehndi designs for any occasion .Many trends come and go with time , but some forever . Mehndi is just not popular in india but also in western asia are known as arab . This designs is mostly apply on plam not on wrist .

multi colour Mehndi Degisner in Chandigarh

Multicoloured and glitter mehndi designs

In today’s era of modernization, the new designs and styles of mehndi are arising, adding glamour , glitter , sparkle and colour to henna design . Many women are also perfer multi colour mehndi in  occasion . Because Mostly female like brown mehndi in there wedding but for some bride prefer glitter mehndi to look diffrent .

Moroccans mehndi designs

Now days moroccans concept in mehndi running fastly as a trend this day many womens perfer only moroccans designs in there weddings . Moroccan mehendi comes from middle-east and  This type of mehandi has geometric pattern design .This will not have any animal , flowers etc in there mehndi desings . This design look different from another designs of mehndi .

multi colour Mehndi Degisner in Chandigarhmulti colour Mehndi Degisner in Chandigarh


Tattoo Western Mehndi Design

Mehendi is a temporary tattoo which can be applied on  like palms, hands, arms, shoulder and back. Henna powder will be used to prepare mehandi which is a natural product and We all know that in which gernation we live they want shortcuts . Many women and mens are also perfer tatoo mehndi in there weddings .

How to put mehndi design for hand

  1. Wash your hand properly and dry it.
  2. Begin with the tip of mehndi cone
  3. postioning the mehndi cone
  4. Designing mehndi
  5. Drying and scraping mehndi
Multi Colour Mehndi Designer In Chandigarh
  1. Kk Mehandi Artist in Chandigarh                                                                                            Adress:Near, Madhya Marg, Sector 8C, Sector 8, Chandigarh, 160036                  Phone:090230 62630
  2. Pardeep Mehndi Artist in chandigarh                                                                                                                Adress: Shop no.30, Sub. City Center, Sector 34C, Sector 34, Chandigarh,160034            Phone:084273 30972
  3. Roshan Mehndi Artist in chandigarh                                                                                              Adress: Sop No. 320, Sector 44D, Himalaya Marg, 44D, Sector 50D, Chandigarh,160047          Phone:076967 49818
  4.  Rohit Mehndi Artist / Bridal Mehndi Artist / Mehndi Artist At Home                          Adress:Sco 85, Sector 40C, Sector 40D, Chandigarh, 160036                                    Phone:099154 08936
  5. Pratima Mehandi Artists in chandigarh                                                                                                    Adress:sco 65 sector 23D , Chandigarh,                                                                                  Phone:070092 66837
In conclusion

Today we will disscuss about the multi colour mehndi designer in chandigarh . As a result In india no function is complete without dance,sweet,flowers and mehndi . Mehndi in indian applied during special indian wedding and indian festival like karva chauth, Diwali , Bahi dooj , Teej , Eid-ul-fitr and Eid-ul-adha etc . Amazing fact is that the hindi mehndi word derived from the sanskrit word mendhika.







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